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Persa (The Persian)Edit

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Plot- Toxilus is a man who has a mistress named Lemniselene and wants to get her liberty from procurer Dordalus. First, Toxilus asks his friend Sagaristo to lend him money, but Sagaristo has to obtain the money first. Sagaristo suceeds in getting the money and he gives it to Toxilus. Meanwhile, Toxilus is sending letters to Lemniselene through Paegnium and Lemniselene is sending letters through Sophoclidisca. Toxilus gives Dordalus the money and he buys her liberty, but Sagaristo had to get his money back so he dresses up like a Persian and takes the daughter of Saturio, and dresses her up as a captive. Sagaristo sells her to Dordalus and gets his money back. Saturio comes and claims his daughter, and Toxilus and Sagaristo celebrate the bad happenings of Dordalus.


Latin- " O Toxile, dabunt di quae exoptes. ut vales?" (line 10)

English- " O Toxilus, the gods grant you what you may desire. how fare you?" (line 10)


1. Which two characters are in love with each other?]

2. Who's daughter was dressed up as a Persian Captive and who was dressed up as her Persian owner?

3. How does Sagaristo get his money back after he gave it to Toxilus?

MY(Marchant Young)

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